Spring term 2019

LessonWeeksCost Per LessonCost Per Term
Pre-School Ballet14£6.00£84.00
Pre-Primary Ballet14£7.00£98.00
Primary Ballet14£8.00£112.00
Grade 1 - Grade 514£8.50£119.00
Inter Foundation / Adv Foundation / Inter / Grade 6/ 7 &814£10.00£126.00
Primary Tap 14£5.00£70.00
Adult Ballet14£9.00£126.00
Adult Tap14£9.00pay as you go
Body Conditioning & Pointe14£7.00£98.00
Modern and Jazz - Pre - Primary and Primary14£6.00 £84.00


Longwood School

LessonWeeksCost Per LessonCost Per Term
FT & FW Pre Primary Ballet10£6.00£60.00
Oak / Cherry - Pre School10£6.00£60.00
FA/KS1 Primary Ballet10£7.00£70.00

Quainton Hall School

Please contact school office 020 8861 8861

Please remember that if you are unable to attend any paid for lessons – fees will not be reimbursed.
However we will attempt to accommodate in other ways.

Fees are payable online  account number 15588152 sort code 23 05 80 – Instep School of Ballet LTD

by cheque to Instep School of Ballet LTD

Or cash